Sunshine – Yes, please

This week is National Travel and Tourism Week. It’s something I might not have given much thought to before I lived in Florida, where the industry has a tremendous impact on the economy, but travel and tourism is in fact one of America’s largest industries. According to 2012 data reported by the U.S. Travel Association, the industry generated $2.0 trillion in economic output, with $855.4 billion spent directly by domestic and international travelers that spurred an additional $1.1 trillion in other industries.


As if anyone needs convincing that vacations are a good idea, you can add helping our economy thrive to the list of benefits! Uncle Sam not only wants you, he wants you to lounge on the beach and hike in the mountains.


So where will you go this year? Here are three beautiful Florida beaches you should consider — and I should know. I’ve been to each of them and I wrote these stories:

Panama City Beach
Perdido Key
Rosemary Beach

If you go or if you’ve been before, what do you love about these beach towns? Enjoy the sunshine!

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