Capturing and telling stories from across the Southeast

Capturing and telling stories from across the Southeast

Amy Minchin Creative can help you uncover the stories that define your brand and support your business objectives. We will help you tell these stories in the voice of your organization, using the right channels to speak to your customers, prospects or any target audience you want to reach. Our services include strategic communications, marketing and public relations, as well as freelance writing.

Our creative work includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine Articles
  • Brochure/Ad Copy
  • Corporate Communications – Video Scripts, Speeches, Emails/Letters, Executive Communications
  • Digital Marketing Content – Website Copy, Landing Page Copy, Social Media Content (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), Blog Posts, Intranet Content

Whatever your needs are, work with experienced professionals who can help make communications a strategic advantage for your business.  Contact Amy Minchin today to discuss your project or request an estimate.

Why Hire Us?

Good communication — the ability to tell your story, tell it well and have it shared by others — is more important than ever before in our increasingly online world. Your story may be the history of your business, examples of how you help your customers, a product or service announcement, or it may be anything you have to share that is relevant, useful or interesting to your target audience.

Sharing this type of content has become an essential strategy for building profitable, lasting relationships with customers, readers or anyone you want to reach. Many business owners and management teams understand this, but don’t have the time or the unique skill set to devote to planning and implementation. That’s where Amy Minchin Creative can help.